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Feel Good and Make a Difference With Your Friendly Pet!

By:  Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services, LLC

Imagine those in constant pain lying alone in a hospital bed or in Hospice, and then for a little while, being distracted by a warm, friendly and furry animal.  Every stroke of that loving pet’s fur brings serenity, with each warm lick of the tongue brings smiles, and fun memories are triggered by conversations of past beloved pets.

Kids with reading difficulties feel more comfortable reading out loud to the calm non-judgmental animal lying in front of them.  College students take a mental break in between final exams by sitting with and stroking the therapy pet.  Dementia patients and the elderly in assisted living facilities are delighted by the visiting pets and enjoy chatting about their pets of past and present.  The mental health benefits and developmental benefits of a therapy pet are numerous and real.

As little as an hour of your time each month with any kind of friendly and well-mannered pet as a “Therapy Pet Team” can bring about these small miracles.  Yes, any kind of pet!  Of course the dog is most common, but there are therapy cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits iguanas and even tortoises!  There are lists of local facilities that are looking for therapy pet volunteers.  One of the facilities that my therapy dog, Clancy, and I visit is MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital.  It is so heart-warming to see the impact he has on the patients, visitors and staff.  They definitely are in need of more volunteers like us since there are so many different people every day that would benefit from pet therapy.  Do you have a friendly pet?

There are a variety of therapy dog organizations you can join.  Procedures and costs vary.  Pets On Wheels is just a one-time $30 fee for a pet temperament screening (just to make sure your pet is okay with sounds and situations it may encounter), the credentials and to be covered under their insurance during your therapy pet visits.

Donna Sovaiko is the coordinator for our area:  Donna@PetsOnWheels.org 410-935-8000.  You may also sign up to volunteer at www.PetsOnWheels.org

(Stacie Beasley is a Marlton resident and owner/operator of FUNanimal Pet Services.  Please contact her at FUNanimalPet@gmail.com or 301-257-0755 for questions, comments or suggestions for future pet articles.)

<![CDATA[Contact us to enter our FREE feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return drawing]]>Sat, 02 Aug 2014 20:14:40 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/contact-us-to-enter-our-free-feral-cat-trap-neuter-return-drawingPicture
FUNanimal Pet Services wants to help you control the feral cat population around your home!
Contact us for a chance to win a FREE spay/neuter for a feral cat/kitten that you feed.  We will help trap your kitty for you, take it to the low cost spay/neuter clinic to get vaccinated, neutered/spayed and "ear-tipped' (for it to be identified it has been altered and vaccinated), keep it for a night to recover, and then return it to your home.

**In partnership with Cinda Bennett and Andrea Stewart**
Thank you Ladies, for supporting this program and all the work you do for it!

Congratulations to Mary Lou, our first winner of the FREE FERAL CAT TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN drawing! 

Mary Lou did the right thing for a feral cat she cares about and contacted FUNanimal Pet Services to enter our  monthly drawing.  "Martha", and her kittens, have been cared for by a vet, vaccinated, spayed and ear-tipped.  They will continue to live her natural life outside as Mary Lou continues to provide food and shelter.  Thank you, Mary Lou, for helping to control the feral cat population...  Thank you to Cinda Bennett for funding the effort...  and a special Thank You to Andrea Stewart for volunteering and all of her assistance

<![CDATA[No More Kittens – The Best Mother’s Day Gift AND ENTER TO WIN A FREE T-N-R]]>Thu, 08 May 2014 03:57:00 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/no-more-kittens-the-best-mothers-day-gift-and-enter-to-win-a-free-t-n-rPicture
No More Kittens – The Best Mother’s Day Gift

By:  Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services

Ah, it’s finally truly Spring!  Mother’s Day is around the corner and we are deep into kitten season.  Why not give a female cat the best Mother’s Day gift of all?  The gift of not ever having to bear kittens! 

After all survival factors are considered, one stray female cat and her offspring may leave you with HUNDREDS of cats outside.  Nip it in the bud right away with the most humane and efficient way to control the outside “community cats” (also known as feral cats) population with Trap – Neuter – Return. 

Cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian, where they are vaccinated against Rabies and spayed or neutered.  At the same time while they are asleep, they have the very tip of their left ear removed in order to visibly identify that it has been altered.  This prevents the same cat from being trapped for TNR again or from mistakenly being brought to a shelter.

There are many low cost spay and neuter options within 20 miles of the Marlton area!  Not only do they offer many affordable spay/neuters and vaccines for all pets, but many of them even have “feral cat specials” for as low as $35.  See below for local resources.

Are you helping to care for the community cats of Marlton or are interested in helping feral cats?  Please join the “Marlton AdvoCATS” Yahoo! Group to network, get and share ideas, share stories and maybe even volunteer to help with TNR.  Visit www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/MarltonAdvoCATS or call 301-257-0755 for more information.

T-N-R information:


www.washhumane.org – Programs & Services/Community Cat Resources

Local Low Cost Spay/Neuter:



created by Alley Cat Rescue in Mt. Rainier, MD

For a list of participating veterinarians, please visit http://www.saveacat.org/vetslocation.html (spots are limited, additional charges for vaccinations, etc. may apply)

The Spay Spot* – Upper Marlboro www.Spayspot.org


*Feral Cat special for $30

·         Spay Spa & Neuter Nook*- Davidsonville



*Feral Cat special for $35

·         Washington Humane Society* – D.C.


202-608-1356 x 101

*CatNiPP Feral Cat special for $45

·         Humane Society of Charles County - Waldorf



Low Cost Shots Schedule and Spay/Neuter assistance:

·         SPCA/Humane Society of Prince George’s County


(Stacie Beasley, a Marlton resident and owner of FUNanimal Pet Services, is experienced with TNR.  If you have any questions or to enter her and Cinda Bennett’s monthly drawing for a free TNR, please call her at 301-257-0755.)

<![CDATA[FUNANIMAL PET SERVICES OWNER TO COMPETES IN AKC RALLY® NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP]]>Sun, 06 Apr 2014 01:27:59 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/funanimal-pet-services-owner-to-competes-in-akc-rally-national-championshipPicture


By:  Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services

More Than 370 Dogs to Participate in Inaugural Event

Sit. Down. Stay. Good dog! On March 28th, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was filled with some of the most well behaved dogs in the nation, all aiming for the top spot at the first ever AKC Rally® National Championship. FUNanimal Pet Services owner, Stacie Beasley and their demo dog, a young Keeshond named Clancy, were among the contenders.

Rally is a relatively new dog sport that is a lot of fun for both the dog and the handler!  AKC Rally® combines elements of Obedience and Agility. The dog and handler move through a course of numbered exercises, all while the handler is communicating with and praising the dog. Rally demonstrates a sense of teamwork and provides an excellent introduction to AKC Companion Events for all dogs (pure-bred OR mixed breeds) and handlers. The sport can also provide a challenging opportunity for competitors in other events to strengthen their skills. AKC Rally® promotes a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for dogs at all levels of competition or just for any dog owner that is looking to have fun reinforcing their dog’s training.

Stacie Beasley and Clancy worked hard last year to qualify to compete against some of the best AKC Rally® dogs in the Novice class from 2013. Dogs and handlers competed for the top spot in the Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Rally Advanced Excellent classes at this national championship.  (Despite two good scores in the high 90's out of 100 in the Novice class, Stacie and Clancy did not place in the top 10 this time.)

This year, the AKC Rally® National Championship was part of the 2nd Companion Events Extravaganza, which celebrates the top dogs in AKC Companion Events.  The multi-day event in Harrisburg featured Championship events for Agility and Obedience in addition to the new national championship for AKC Rally®.

Join Stacie Beasley to go through a Rally course with your dog while learning how practicing Rally can benefit you and your dog.  Please RSVP.

(Stacie Beasley is the owner/operator of FUNanimal Pet Services.  See ad on page 2.  For more information and videos of Rally, please visit her blog at www.KeesOfDogsDelight.com.  To RSVP to her free Introduction to Rally workshop, call 301-257-0755 or email FUNanimalPet.com.) 

<![CDATA[Add a little Spring to your dog’s step with field trips]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 07:01:01 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/add-a-little-spring-to-your-dogs-step-with-field-tripsPictureClancy, the Keeshond, dock diving!
Add a little Spring to your dog’s step with field trips
By: Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services

Springtime is finally here and it’s time to cure your dog’s cabin fever!  Dogs may seem
content with your love, a walk, and play time, but if given the chance to be out and about to explore a new world, most would enjoy the new adventure.

Before heading out on a field trip, you will have a lot more fun together if your dog is trained and socialized. The more you expose your dog to different environments, the more conditioned and confident they become.

There’s an abundant amount of local parks around Marlton to enjoy a stimulating walk with your furry friend. If your pup likes the company of other dogs, you’ll find off-leash dog parks in Bowie, Crofton, Dunkirk, and two more just south of Waldorf, White Plains and Turkey Hill.

You can even take your dog out to the ball game! The Washington Nationals, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and Bowie Baysox often have games where your dog is invited!

There are many dog-friendly events throughout the year for you to have fun with your dog. Coming soon is the annual Maryland Dog Fest, held at the Charles County Fairgrounds in La Plata from March 8 – 9th.   With Frisbee dog demos, dock diving, costume contests, a dog talent show and many other activities, there’s fun for the whole
family!  My own dog, Clancy, will be showing off his tricks in the talent show and will try to break his own breed record in dock diving! Visit www.marylanddogfest.com for more information.

For another doggone good time, take a short road trip to Chantilly, VA to the Super Pet Expo from March 21st - March 23rd.  Check out all the activities your family and dog will enjoy at www.superpetexpo.com.

Whatever new adventures you embark on, please remember to be a responsible dog owner. Do not use retractable leashes in crowded places, pick up after your dog and ask other dog owners first if it’s okay for your dog to greet theirs.

It’s been a long winter, get out and enjoy Spring with your dog!

<![CDATA[Share Your Pet's Unconditional Love With Those In Need Of Some]]>Sat, 08 Feb 2014 10:06:21 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/share-your-pets-unconditional-love-with-those-in-need-of-some
<![CDATA[Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful! (Even for pets!) - January M.A.]]>Wed, 29 Jan 2014 04:19:39 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/oh-the-weather-outside-is-frightful-even-for-pets-january-ma Picture
Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful! (Even for pets!)

Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services

Animals seek warmth anywhere they can find it as the temperatures drop.  To protect your vehicle’s engine and to save an animal’s life, remember to knock on the hood of your car or honk your horn before starting your car.  Engines can stay warm for hours after being shut off, offering an enticing warm shelter for cats.  If you have the remote start feature, give a quick press of the “panic” button on your car key first to scare away any unsuspecting sleeping felines before remote starting your car.

Another vehicle-related danger of winter is exposure to anti-freeze.  Ingesting as little as a teaspoon of the harmful chemical of ethylene glycol can kill.  Its sweet taste unfortunately attracts pets, so be sure to promptly clean up any spills and keep it out of pet’s reach.

Staying warm uses up more energy.  Pets that spend a lot of time outside need more food, especially protein.  Ask your vet if you should vary your pet’s diet for the winter.

Dehydration is often a forgotten danger of the bitter cold, for water sources freeze outside. Also avoid using metal bowls this time of year (if you don’t know already from watching “A Christmas Story”, yes, tongues will stick to metal in below freezing temperatures.)

As we struggle to keep our footing in the slippery conditions that winter brings, keep in mind that salts, de-icers and other chemicals are dangerous for your pets.  Try to use kitty litter or sand for traction instead.  If you must use a chemical, supervise your pet in those areas to make sure they don’t drink from puddles and remove the slush and dissolved product as soon as possible.  Wash paws after exposure.

Check paws after outside adventures to pull out any snowballs that have gathered in between pads which are not only uncomfortable, but also could lead to frostbite!

Frigid weather lessens the sense of smell, causing more cases of lost dogs than any other time of the year.  Keep your pet leashed or fenced in as they frolic in the snow with an ID tag.

<![CDATA[Be a Santa Paws this Holiday Season   (December M.A.)]]>Sat, 07 Dec 2013 16:30:32 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/be-a-santa-paws-this-holiday-season-december-maPicture
Be a Santa Paws this Holiday Season

By:  Stacie Beasley, FUNanimal Pet Services

Tis the season for giving!  While we may get our pets a new treat or toy during the holidays, let’s not forget about the less fortunate animals that would be pets, if they had a home.  By donating or volunteering your time, you help bring some comfort to an animal in need and you get to experience that “feel good” feeling!

Some easy ways to give back and feel good about yourself:

·         Donate food, blankets, beds, new or old toys to an animal rescue organization

·         Donate money to an animal cause, charity or sponsor an animal (in someone’s name to make a nice holiday gift for someone that cares about animals.) Check with your employer to see if they will match your contribution.

·         Volunteer!  Of course less people are willing to work on Christmas, but the animals still need to be taken care of and given attention.  Spend an hour or two at a local animal shelter or rescue. 

·         Have a social well-behaved pet?  Cheer up a lonely person at a nursing home, hospital or the like by sharing your pet with them for a little while over the holidays.  Visit PetsOnWheels.org for more information on how!

·         Create a shelter for feral cats to help them stay warm in the winter months.  See the picture at the bottom of this page or do a web search for “how to build a shelter for feral cats” for many more ideas.

Holiday Hazards for Pets

To add on to last month’s Thanksgiving dangers, there are many things to be aware of to protect your pets through the holiday season.  Some of them include:

·         Tinsel – attractive to pets, but if ingested, it may cause serious internal damage

·         Bulbs and bulb hooks – avoid placing bulbs on the bottom branches of your tree

·         Candles in pets reach – remember that’s everywhere if you have a cat!

·         Wires – a puppy favorite!

·         Christmas tree water – cover it with the tree skirt

·         Getting a pet for someone as a gift – instead, make up a gift certificate to help them pick out a new pet after the hectic holiday season

To help feral kitties survive the winter, build them a warm and dry shelter with these easy steps!
<![CDATA[Marlton Advocate (M.A.) articles written by FUNanimal Pet Services]]>Mon, 04 Nov 2013 10:05:48 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/marlton-advocate-articles-coming-soonFUNanimal Pet Services writes original animal related articles that are published in the Marlton Advocate, which is distributed on the first Saturday of every month.  We will post those articles here shortly after the community magazines have been delivered.

Have an idea for a pet-related article? 
Please Contact Us for consideration.  Thanks!
<![CDATA[Pets Will Be Thankful if You Avoid These Food Temptations (November M.A.) --CORRECTION NOTED.]]>Sat, 02 Nov 2013 22:05:47 GMThttp://funanimalpet.com/funanimal-pet-news--articles/pets-will-be-thankful-if-you-avoid-these-food-temptations-november-ma-correction-notedPicture
Pets Will Be Thankful
if You Avoid These Food Temptations

(CORRECTION:  It was published in the Marlton Advocate at the bottom of this article that FUNanimal Pet Services is located in the Marlton Plaza.  While we do frequent there and participate in a dog training club at Fresh Pet, our business is not located there.  Please see "Contact Us" for more information.  There has also been a correction to the "Never give your pets... Food Chart" at the bottom of the page.)

 Ah, the delicious scents throughout the house on Thanksgiving Day!  Now imagine if your nose was 10,000 times more powerful, how would you feel? 
Our furry companions will be using all the tricks in their book to make
you “accidentally” drop some food on the floor.  However, be strong and do your pets a favor by avoiding these Thanksgiving temptation pitfalls!

There’s nothing like fresh baked goods! 
Don’t let those puppy eyes persuade you to drop a piece of raw dough on
the floor though… it could actually rise in your pet’s belly, causing a tummy
ache or worse! You also don’t want to let them lick the cake batter off the spatula for salmonella risks and of course chocolate can make your pet very sick.

Be sure the turkey or any meat you sneak under the table to your pet is ALWAYS boneless!  In fact, avoid giving any cooked bones to your dog for they often splinter causing various internal injuries.

While those dishes with herbs such as Sage are so tasty to us, it can cause stomach upset and central nervous system problems for your cat.

Pets often don’t know when to stop when presented with a large amount of delicious options.  Too much of the yummy stuff will cause an upset stomach, a messy behind and may contribute to organ damage or other health problems.

Seal up that recycling and trash bin! 
That piece of aluminum foil covering the turkey, the piece of wax paper with raw meat remnants, the plastic wrap covering the green bean casserole, and the toothpicks removed from the ham are just some of the dangerous items your
pet will be attracted to.  If ingested, you will likely be spending Black Friday at the vet.

Never let your pet eat:




Xylitol (a sweetener in many products, check product labels)







Macadamia & Walnuts


Think your pet ingested something bad?

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: